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Impact of Late Motherhood on Children

To objectively consider the over-all impact of late motherhood on children there will be need to look into scientific studies and statistics. The results obviously show that there positive rewards to be had; at the same time as negative ones bordering on emotions, health and financial matters.

Having children at a late age has positive as well as negative consequences. Women who have completed their education and have risen reasonably in their chosen careers have a lot to offer to their children. Due to their position they can adjust their work schedule to accommodate the welfare of their children which will be impossible for a junior worker. Some of them are self-employed, while some of them can decide to work at home. These older but better established women have more time to spend with their children and more time to participate in their general well being. Where they cannot spare the time they have enough money to pay for help in the home.

Young mother face more problems than well e…

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Is Later Motherhood The Answer to World Change?

PERHAPS IT IS. When mother's delay the start of motherhood they have ample opportunity to excel in careers, bringing them to a status level where their voices must be heard. This elevation of career status, financial means, world experience, and networks that later mothers often amass may be the answer to elevating the status of motherhood for all.

After all, up until now, mothers' have very little voice in structuring society, they are at home raising children or working in less influential jobs, often as a result of their becoming mothers. They aren't sitting in the Board Room, the Governor's office, or at the policy makers desk. Therefore society's current structures do not support them - their voices remain unheard. What would the world be like if mothers' had a voice? Well for one thing - mothers' would have real workable choices when it came to balancing career and family needs. They'd have flexible work opportunities that still afforded high pay a…